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“There is but one Paris and however hard that living may be here, and if it becomes worse and harder even- the French air clears the brain and does a world of good.”   -Vincent  Van Gogh
There are times when one needs to find a place of solace to be quiet and still. Other times you may desire a more robust energy to quench your thirst for excitement. Whatever your wayward longings, Paris is the solution to satiate these wanton cravings. There is no other place like it in the world.
Replete with enigmatic charm, legendary culture and  an unabashed appreciation for the arts. Paris prides itself as a city with something to offer for anyone of vision and creativity. Even Van Gogh found himself planted here, seduced by the creative energy of the Parisian ambiance in the area of Montmartre.  It is here in Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris that I am drawn to over and over again.
At the highest point in Paris sits Sacre Couer Basilica, its domed spires  unashamedly slicing into the Parisian skyline. Slightly out of breath I walked to the summit that leads to the monument. The Basilica, in the early morning sun, gleamed with an invite to climb the 132 steps to the mount.
One of the many open air concerts at Sacre Couer

One of the many open air concerts at Sacre Couer

The Sacre Couer Basilica is a stunning vision to behold irregardless of how many times you have seen it in the past. Among the most beautiful basilica’s in all of Europe.  Built in the Romano Byzantine style, its pointed domes glistening radiant sunlight in the open air playing on the calcite stone. The front of the basilica facing Paris is nobly adorned with ornate statues of Joan of Arc and King Saint Louis. Standing vigilant in their task of safeguarding the sprawling city below.

 Rounding the Rue du Cardinal Guilbert you embrace the cobbled square of Place du Tertre. Busy and bustling with creative energy. Lining the square you will find colorful shops, cafes, painters and various artisans unveiling their latest
But the true heart of Montmartre lies just beyond the square in the side streets and alleyways that ramble  and meander giving you a feel of old Paris. An exaltation, perhaps a reverence of how Parisian life was in the time of the Impressionist.   It is not hard to imagine how easily Van Gogh, Monet, Renior, Cezanne and so many other dreamers were so easily inspired by the ambiance of Montmartre. Perhaps you will find your inspiration here as well. – ZT
“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”  -Vincent Van Gogh.